Income of Event Organizing Industry Positions

Income of Event Organizing Industry Positions

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  • Overview of the Event Organization Industry
  • The Job of an Event Organizer
  • Popular Types of Event Organizations
  • Which category does the Event Organization industry compete in? Which school?
  • Guide to Choosing a University or College for Event Management
  • Experience in Choosing an Event Vocational Training Facility
  • Some Schools Training the Event Organizing Industry
  • Positions, Jobs in the Event Organization Industry and Salaries for Each Position
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Income in the event industry is a fascinating topic. If you enjoy organizing events and want to know how much money you can make from this profession, this article is for you.

We'll look at different positions and jobs in the industry and their earnings. As well as an overview of the event organization industry such as: What is the event organization industry? Which major and which block should I study for event organization ? Which schools offer training in event planning ? Let's join Phuong Nam Event to learn interesting things about the event organization industry!

Event Industry: Positions and Salaries
Event Industry: Positions and Salaries


The event industry orevent industry,the event management professioncan be considered a combination of project management/administration, marketing, communications and creativity. This major specifically focuses on developing the planning and organization of a variety of events, from business conferences to weddings and festivals.

Event Organization Industry
Event Organization Industry

The event planning process includes many stages: from initial concept development, management and marketing, to logistical aspects such as location selection, budget management, and event organization. The core goal is to ensure the event runs smoothly and successfully. This industry requires good communication skills and creativity, turning ideas into reality.

Event Organization Human Resources
Event Organization Human Resources

The Job of an Event Organizer

The job of an event organizer requires a variety of skills and responsibilities. Here are some of the main tasks they regularly perform:

  • Research and analyze the market to determine event needs and goals.

  • Create ideas and scripts for the event.

  • Budget planning and cost management.

  • Search and select locations, service providers,...

  • Organize and coordinate events.

  • Monitor and evaluate event effectiveness.

The Job of an Event Manager
The Job of an Event Manager

Popular Types of Event Organizations

Popular types of events include a variety of different activities and events, each serving a specific purpose and audience. Below are some common types of event organizations today:

  • Launch event, introducing new products.

  • Conferences and customer seminars.

  • Corporate events: Year-end, new year, honor,...

  • Store opening ceremony, factory inauguration, company anniversary.

  • Fairs, exhibition booths, product displays.

  • Entertainment events, music, game shows, festivals.

  • Press conference, press communication.

  • Sports events, running events.

  • Wedding events, birthdays,...

Heineken Music Events
Heineken Music Events


To study event planning , you usually need to consider appropriate exam levels and universities. Here is some basic information:

Event Industry Entrance Exam

  • For the event organization industry, the most popular exam blocks are block C (Literature, History, Geography), block D (Literature, Math, English) or block A1 (Math, Physics, English) depending on the specific program. of each school.

  • Some schools may require knowledge of economics or management, so block A (Math, Physics, Chemistry) or block B (Math, Chemistry, Biology) may also be options.

Event Directors greatly influence the success of an event
Event Directors have a great influence on the success of an event (Dp. Ly Hai)

Guide to Choosing a University or College for Event Management

  • You should look for schools with strong training programs in Business Administration, Event Management, Marketing, Communications or related majors.

  • Some schools may offer specialized training programs in event organization or event management such as the Tourism and Event Management program.

  • You could also consider arts or media schools if you want to focus on the creative side of the industry.

Experience in Choosing an Event Vocational Training Facility

  • Carefully research universities to determine the right training program for your career path.

  • Consider factors such as quality of education, facilities, internship opportunities, and alumni network.

In addition, you should also refer to the specific admission information of each school or training center to have a more accurate view of entry requirements and training programs.

Choosing the Right and Appropriate Training Facility is the Prerequisite for Career Development
Choosing the Right and Appropriate Training Facility is the Prerequisite for Career Development

Some Schools Training the Event Organizing Industry

Below are some prestigious universities training in event organization in Vietnam:

  • Ha Noi national university

  • University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Hanoi National University

  • National University of Economics

  • Foreign Trade University

  • University of trade

  • RMIT Vietnam University

  • FPT university

  • Hutech University

In addition to the schools mentioned above, there are many other universities, colleges, and training centers in the event organization industry across the country. Candidates can refer to the admission information of schools to choose the school that is right for them.

RMIT University
RMIT University


In the events industry , there are many different job positions, each with its own salary depending on responsibilities and experience. Below is a list of key positions along with estimated salaries:

Status Location Job description Income/Salary (VND/month)
first Event Director Shaping and implementing event ideas, managing the production team and coordinating key activities during the event. About 35 million
2 Event Planner Plan and organize event details, from location selection to budget management and logistics. From 5 - 15 million
3 Event Coordinator Support event directors and event organizers, ensuring the event runs smoothly. From 7 - 10 million
4 Graphic Designer 2D/3D (Graphic Designer 2D/3D) Graphic design, 2D/3D modeling and decorative elements for events. From 12 - 18 million
5 Audio-Visual Technician Install and operate sound and lighting systems for events. Ensuring the best technical quality for each part of the event. From 10 - 20 million
6 Event Content Editor
(Content / Copywriter)
Write advertising and media content for the event. From 8 - 15 million
7 Sales Executive Search for business opportunities, consult and sell event packages. From 8 - 15 million (Not including % of revenue)
8 Event Logistics Staff Manage and organize the logistical aspects of the event including transportation, set-up, and post-event cleanup. Ensure all necessary physical elements and equipment are organized and maintained effectively. From 7 - 9 million
9 Event
Support Staff
Assist with logistics, venue setup, and other tasks necessary for the event to run smoothly. From 8 - 10 million
ten Public Relations Specialist Build and maintain relationships with the media, promote events, and manage issues related to the public image of the event or organization. From 7 - 15 million
11 Event Marketing Specialist Develop and implement marketing strategies to promote events, attract attendees and increase brand awareness. From 10 - 20 million
twelfth Ticketing Staff Manage ticket sales, registration and process ticket-related transactions for events. From 7 - 10 million
13 Some Other Event Running Locations
13.1 Event Freelancer Support the organization and implementation of specific tasks during the event. This role is typically flexible and project-specific based. Usually charged by the hour or by project.
Event Volunteer
Support event organization activities. This role is typically unpaid but can provide valuable experience and connections. No income
13.3 Helper (Event Assistant) Provide logistical support, arrange and perform event-related work as directed. Supporting tasks that no one else can do such as setting up mics for singers, giving directions, helping MCs, setting up programs, even carrying things, applying stickers... Helpers are male. Usually charged by the hour or by project. Fluctuating from 20 - 25k VND/hour.


Wear mascot costumes and interact with guests to create a fun atmosphere and attract attention. Usually charged by the hour. Fluctuating from 20 - 25k VND/hour.
13.5 Event
Ensure security and safety at the event, handling security issues if necessary. Usually charged by the hour or by project.
13.6 Supervisor
Supervise and coordinate staff activities during the event. May vary depending on event size and individual experience.
13.7 PG/PB (Promotion Girl)/(Promotion Boy) Carry out advertising and marketing activities at events, often including distributing flyers, introducing products, or assisting at information booths. Appearance and height requirements. Usually calculated by shift or by project. About 200 - 500k VND/shift.

* Note : The salary and job description in the event organization industry listed above are for reference only and are subject to change. The salary of each position in the event organization industry will depend on experience and workload.

For event running positions, salary depends not only on personal experience and skills, but also greatly on the scale and complexity of the event. Large events that require a high level of expertise often have more attractive salaries than smaller and simpler events.

Event Organizing Team
Event Organizing Team

Above is information about the event organization industry , positions and salaries of this event industry. Hopefully through this article, Phuong Nam Event will help you better understand this field and from there, open up new, interesting job opportunities that suit your interests and abilities.

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