Space Tent House

Space Tent House

Price: 50.000 đ
  • Aluminum frame canvas house
  • Round pillar canvas house
  • Event tent
  • Space canvas house
  • The house has a transparent roof
  • Fair tent
  • Umbrella canvas house
  • New canvas up to 80%
  • Complete installation and transportation
  • Providing all equipment related to space tents and event organization
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Space tents are gaining great attraction as demand for use is increasing. In the age of technology 4.0, the combination of technology and creativity has turned outdoor events into an increasingly popular and diverse trend. Big events such as opening ceremonies, vibrant fairs, romantic weddings, and even sporting events are held outdoors with sophistication and creativity. Let's explore with Phuong Nam Event the advantages and benefits of renting a canvas tent for outdoor events and consider carefully when choosing a partner.


Space tents, also known as event tents or space tents , are large-sized temporary structures that can be disassembled and assembled, like a "mobile roof." Helps protect and create space for outdoor events such as fairs, weddings, seminars, and other important events: inauguration ceremonies, groundbreaking ceremonies, groundbreaking ceremonies...

Space tents are built with high technology, ensuring aesthetics, sturdiness and flexibility in creating customized spaces for each specific event. Is a symbol of modernity in event organization.

Space canvas house
Space canvas house


Compared to the cost you have to spend, the benefits that the space tent brings will make you extremely satisfied:

1. Flexibility in design: Space tents have limitless customization capabilities. You can change the size, color, and interior design to create a special space for any type of event.

2. Protection from bad weather: Weather is always a difficult factor to predict when organizing an outdoor event. However, with a canvas tent, you don't need to worry about rain, sun, or strong winds. The tent protects you and your guests from the effects of bad weather, ensuring the event runs smoothly and comfortably.

3. Diverse products: There are many types of outdoor tents to choose from, from high-end aluminum frame tents to compact, flexible mobile tents. Whether you're hosting a small garden wedding or a large-scale fair, you'll find a marquee to suit your needs.

4. Cost savings: Compared to building a permanent structure or renting a restaurant, renting a canvas tent is a cost-saving option without reducing the perfect nature of the event. Besides, the space tent is also easy to disassemble, transport and safe to use.

5. Create a unique experience : Using a space tent will create a unique experience for your guests. Space tents are easy to decorate, creating a unique and beautiful space, reflecting the "I" of the event and meeting all customer requirements.

6. Suitable for many types of terrain : With a flexible, customizable design, the canvas house easily adapts to many types of terrain such as: Lawn, sandy beach, cement, asphalted beach,...

Event tent
Event tent


Phuong Nam Event is one of the leading reputable units in the field of space tent rental in Vietnam. We don't just rent tents, we create fun and unique event spaces for your event. With a commitment to quality and dedicated service, we provide the following services:

Event tent rental

The name " event tent " comes from its main role: creating an interior space to organize special events and activities such as fairs, weddings, exhibitions, performances, seminars , and many other events. Phuong Nam Event is not simply an event tent rental company , our mission is to bring special events to you.

Fair tent rental

A fair tent is a type of canvas tent used to organize fairs and exhibitions. They are often designed to create large and comfortable spaces to display products, goods, or art during fair events.

The fair tent has the ability to customize the interior space to suit each type of exhibition and different booths. This helps create a convenient environment for business promotion, information exchange, and customer interaction during trade events and exhibitions.

Trade fairs are a valuable opportunity to showcase your products and services. At Phuong Nam Event , we understand and therefore constantly try to create an attractive, convenient space to attract the attention of both customers and attendees to your event.

Space tent
Space tent

Cheap tent rental

Cheap tents are a type of tent designed to provide a cost-effective solution for organizing outdoor events. They often use cost-effective materials and manufacturing technologies without sacrificing basic sturdiness or aesthetics. Cheap tents are suitable for events such as small fairs, temporary performances or other convenient organizing activities that do not require large funds.

Phuong Nam Event is committed to quality and value for customers. Our cheap tent rental service is not only a cost-saving option, but also ensures that you do not have to "sacrifice" quality during the event organization.

Outdoor canvas house

An outdoor tent is a type of temporary structure used to create an outside space, usually in a natural environment such as a park, school yard, beach, or any other outdoor place.

Outdoor tents are often used to organize activities and events such as festivals, music performances, outdoor parties, seminars, or other outdoor events. Helps protect against the elements and creates a comfortable space for attendees to participate.

Outdoor marquees can come in many shapes and sizes to fit the specific needs of each event.And outdoor space is a strong point of Phuong Nam Event . With dedication and professionalism, we create stage, hall, and outdoor exhibition spaces for every event.

Canvas outdoor space
Canvas outdoor space

Production of canvas house frames

The canvas frame is an important component in the space tent structure, usually made of bars, pipes or rigid fibers to create a frame for the canvas structure. Plays an important role in ensuring space stability and safety.

Awning frames come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the type of tent and specific use. They can be designed to be assembled or folded for convenience in transportation and installation.

At Phuong Nam Event , we use high quality T6061 and T6082 aluminum alloys to produce canvas tent frames, ensuring high performance and safety.

Production of space tents

Not only a rental unit, Phuong Nam Event is also a manufacturer of space tents . We create unique spaces with colors and designs that suit your event.

Phuong Nam Event 's space tarpaulin production process includes many strict steps from design to product completion, specifically as follows:

- Design : The more detailed the tent design the better, however any design must ensure 3 elements: Accurate size - Suitable shape - Strict compliance with technical requirements . Phuong Nam Event has a team of experienced design engineers to bring you beautiful - Unique - Durable - Safe canvas house models .

- Material selection : Prestige is quality. Each of our awning products is made from the best materials, according to European standards, from aluminum alloy T6061 and T6082 to high-quality 2-leather ceiling awnings . Meets the strict requirements that large events require.

- Frame production : The canvas house frame is produced following a strict process from cutting, bending to welding. For specially designed tent house models, we also apply mechanical processing to ensure that the frame components comply with the drawings and meet customer requirements.

- Assembly, quality check and finishing : Assemble the frame components and canvas ceiling cover into the canvas structure. Inspect the entire structure, ensuring that it meets quality and safety standards before being delivered to the customer and put into use.

Premium canvas tent frame from Phuong Nam Event
Premium canvas tent frame from Phuong Nam Event

Selling event tents

With the desire to bring quality products to consumers, don't hesitate to contact Hotline: 0909.954.039 to own an exclusive space tent, with the required size. Phuong Nam Event 's canvas tent quotation process :

- Consulting : We will receive customers' information and advise on the most suitable tent type for their specific event.

- Providing products : Providing all kinds of tents with sizes, designs and features according to customer requirements.

- Installation : Ensure that the tent is installed safely and meets safety and quality standards.

- After-sales service : We have preferential policies for old customers, regardless of whether they rent or buy canvas houses. From the second time onwards, you will become our partner, and we are committed to supporting you with dedication and reliability.

Please contact us for detailed advice and quotes for your event.

Liquidation of space tents

Phuong Nam Event not only provides space tent rental services but also supports you in managing and reusing space tents. This means we ensure savings and sustainability when using our products. If you need to liquidate your space tent or need assistance with product management and reuse, please contact us for more details and benefits we can bring.

Event equipment rental

Besides the space tent, Phuong Nam Event also rents all event equipment such as steam gates , Led screens, carpets, barrie posts, inauguration ribbon cutting sets, etc. Refer to website: or hotline: 0909.954.039 for more details.


Phuong Nam Event offers a wide variety of tents to suit all needs:

Event tent

This type of tent is suitable for personal events, business conferences, or wedding parties. They are created with the goal of making every event special and memorable.

Fair tent

Fair tents are a perfect commercial solution. With bright and comfortable spaces, they help create an attractive exhibition space for your products and services.

Transparent canvas house

A transparent tent is a type of tent with a roof made from transparent PVC film. A symbol of sophistication and luxury, where natural light floods the space, creating the ideal environment for special events such as weddings, art exhibitions, fashion and other events. Slightly "luxury".

Transparent canvas house
Transparent canvas house

Round pillar canvas house

The round pillar canvas house is a symbol of beautiful architecture. They are designed with impact and are suitable for small and medium scale events.

Round pillar canvas house
Round pillar canvas house

Wedding tent

Wedding tents are the ideal choice for couples who want to create a romantic and luxurious space for their big day. There are many types of wedding marquees to suit every event budget.

Space tent

This type of tent is suitable for art or entertainment events. They create a bright and comfortable space for guests.

Aluminum frame canvas house

Aluminum frame tents bring durability and stability to the event space. They are used for large and high-end events. Trusted by many event organizers, and this is also the main product ofour Phuong Nam Event .

Aluminum frame canvas house
Aluminum frame canvas house

Mobile canvas house

Mobile tents are a flexible option, easy to move to many different locations. This is the perfect combination of convenience and efficiency.

Mobile canvas house
Mobile canvas house

Event canvas

Event tarpaulin is an important element in the design of space tents. They come in a variety of size and color options to suit the needs of any event.


Phuong Nam Event 's space tents are built from quality elements such as:

Tarpaulin frame

The canvas frame is the heart of every project. They are manufactured from high quality aluminum alloy to ensure stability and safety of the space. The canvas frame creates flexibility for customizing the size and design of the space.

Tarpaulin covers the ceiling

Canvas ceiling covers are carefully selected to protect against the effects of the weather. They make the interior space pleasant and comfortable, while still retaining natural light.

Stage canopy

The stage canopy is an important aesthetic element. Not only does it protect the stage and sound from the weather, but it also creates a highlight for the event space, creating a special space.

Accessories inside the event tent

To make the event tent more eye-catching, decoration and use of accessories are absolutely necessary. Decorative equipment and accessories such as ceiling backdrops, pillars of the same color, balloons, LED lights, sound system assembly, lighting, electric lights, event tables and chairs,...

Tarpaulin frame
Tarpaulin frame


Below is the price list for renting and buying space tents from Phuong Nam Event :

Category Unit price Describe
Space tent rental 50,000 - 60,000 VND/m2

- High quality aluminum truss frame

- Double insulated tarpaulin

- 80% new canvas

Rent canvas house with inner roof space 100,000 - 120,000 VND/m2

- High quality aluminum truss frame

- Transparent PVC tarpaulin

- New canvas, not yellowed

Selling aluminum frame canvas houses 500,000 - 600,000 VND/m2

- High quality aluminum truss frame

- Double insulated tarpaulin

Pillar wrapping fabric in 2 colors 100,000 - 120,000 VND/column
Ceiling fabric is the backdrop 20,000 - 25,000 VND/m2
Tarpaulin covers the canvas house 40,000 - 60,000 VND/m2
1,000L reinforced tank 400,000 - 500,000 VND/tub

Note: Price list is for reference only. Rental prices may vary depending on time, size, type of tent, rental period, and your specific requirements. To receive a detailed quote for your needs, you should contact Phuong Nam Event directly.

Contact Info:

Office: Tecco Building.4449 Nguyen Cuu Phu, Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh City

Factory: E5/13. Le Minh Xuan, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Hanoi Branch: D. Giap Hai, Khoan Te, Da Ton, Gia Lam, Hanoi

Hung Yen Branch: EcoPark Urban Area, Xuan Quan, Hung Yen

Phu Quoc Branch: Phone 45, Quarter 10, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc

Hotline: 0909.954.039 (24/7)



Besides renting canvas tents, we also organize and rent other event equipment such as:


When choosing a space rental unit , customers should consider some important factors:

1. Reputation and experience : Choose a company that has a good reputation and a lot of experience in the field of tent rental space.

2. Customer Service : Make sure the company has good customer service and is ready to assist you in every aspect of your event.

3. Product quality : Check the quality of the tent, frame, and materials used to ensure sustainability and safety of the event space.

4. Warranty and repair services : Make sure that the company has warranty and repair services, ensuring that any problems can be resolved promptly.

We, Phuong Nam Event , are proud to be a tent rental company that meets all four of these criteria and are ready to be a reliable partner for your event.

Space tent made from high-quality aluminum truss supplied and constructed by Phuong Nam Event
Space tent made from high-quality aluminum truss supplied and constructed by Phuong Nam Event


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