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Top 15 Professional Event Equipment Rental Companies

  • 08/10/2023

    ✔ Phuong Nam Event Equipment Company

    Phuong Nam Event is a fairly new name in the event equipment supply industry. The company was developed from 2 members with over 10 years of experience in the domestic and foreign event industry. Always putting international quality product standards first, Phuong Nam promises to become a professional Supplier in the near future, best meeting customer needs, gradually developing and integrating with the industry. world events.

    The products and services provided by Phuong Nam Event are very diverse and especially focus on hardware, such as: Space tents , mobile stages (popular stages, 3D design stages) , stage stands, tables and chairs, parasols, event space decor (sound, light, LED screen, miniature landscape decoration),...

    Techcombank events
    Phuong Nam Event organizes events and rents Techcombank event equipment

    ✔ Event Equipment Company (chuyenchothue)

    Specialized Rental is one of the leading units in the field of providing event equipment.
    With more than 8 years of experience in the profession, Lease Specialist is proud to have the advantage of understanding the market, providing a full package of programs to customers with services and competitive prices. That's why, Chuyen Leasing has been "chosen to deposit gold" by many large domestic and foreign partners.

    ✔ Saigon Event Equipment Company Limited (Deso Production)

    Overcoming all limits and desiring to conquer the peak, Deso Production has grown strongly in recent times, becoming a reliable partner of event units and Event Equipment rentals.
    Not only are they impressed by their professional working ability, but Deso Production's staff is also the pride of the company.

    ✔ VTH Media Event Organizing Company

    VTH is known as an event organization company, and also has an event equipment rental segment according to customer requirements.
    Since its establishment, each event VTH organizes has its own unique theme, along with the enthusiasm, passion, and youth of the entire team, VTH always satisfies customers at every opportunity. event takes place.

    ✔ Cyber ​​Show Event and Service Company

    Cyber ​​Show is known as one of the event organizers and Event Equipment rental units, this is also a name that cannot be absent in the top 10 reputable and quality event equipment rental companies in Vietnam. HCM.

    Cyber ​​Show Company
    Cyber ​​Show organized and rented Event Equipment at the inauguration ceremony of Anh Hong food factory

    In addition to constant efforts and diversification of services, one of Cyber ​​Show's strengths is providing solutions to help businesses reach customers better, so that the event can run smoothly by The use of quality event equipment systems . In particular, with preferential prices, it helps save a lot of intermediate costs in event organization and event equipment rental.

    ✔ Keyteam Event Company

    Formed and built from people who love the profession, Keyteam hopes to bring more practical values ​​through each program.
    At the same time, the experienced staff, deep understanding of the profession, synchronous and abundant equipment,... are one of the plus points that make Keyteam a reliable place for customers. customers and businesses.

    ✔ Asian Event Organizer

    Asia Event Organization is a unit specializing in organizing large and small events for customers and businesses. At the same time, this is also a reliable Event Equipment rental location that many customers and businesses tell each other about.
    Owning 100% of human resources in the event industry, working directly without intermediaries, and equipment imported from abroad will be one of the reputable units for customers and businesses to choose. .

    ✔ Bui Dung Music Entertainment Services Company Limited

    If your customers or businesses want to "put all your trust" in a reputable Event Equipment rental unit , then Bui Dung Media will be a suggestion for you
    with your experience and ability. , Bui Dung Media always wants to bring customers the best event organization service experience today.
    Bui Dung believes that, with a united and strong company team, and the support of customers, it is a strong motivation to achieve more success.

    ✔ Top Viet Technology and Communications Joint Stock Company

    Established from members who share the same passion and enthusiasm for Events and Event Equipment , Top Viet today has become the top choice of many partners.
    Top Viet's professionalism is not only reflected in high quality equipment but also in its operating style, creating unforgettable impressions in the hearts of customers and businesses.

    ✔ Dao Gia Phat Trading Service Development Company Limited

    Dao Gia Phat is an event equipment rental unit including: event table and chair rental, wedding tables and chairs, sound and light rental, parasol rental, space tent rental,... With Motto: "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together", Dao Gia Phat will be honored and proud to be chosen as a companion with customers to create an event. success.


    When choosing an Event Equipment rental unit, at first, customers and businesses will surely spend a lot of time because they will not know which unit to "trust". Through information about the Top 10 reputable and professional event equipment rental companies in HCM, we know a few names that are currently being mentioned.
    So why do we need a reputable, professional unit and not a "can do it" unit?

    event equipment rental
    Choose a reputable and professional Event Equipment rental company (Source: Internet)

    ✔ Save time

    "Time is gold", so between "consuming" a long period of time and a short period of time, how will customers choose?
    When customers or businesses choose a unit and request advice, with experience and many years in the profession, the unit will understand their thoughts and aspirations to advise quickly, effectively and economically. more time than a young unit, just taking baby steps into the profession.

    ✔ Cost optimization

    Next is the cost issue, which is of concern to most customers. Most of us will think that the more prestigious and professional the higher the price.
    However, depending on the field, structure and unit, costs may vary. With long experience, reputation and service quality, the Event Equipment rental unit will determine what the customer's strengths and weaknesses are to advise on the most suitable cost package. There is no phenomenon of costs arising, or arising too much.

    ✔ Limit the level of risk

    Event Equipment is one of the factors for the event to take place smoothly. Therefore, with reputable and professional rental units, they will ensure the lowest level of risk by:
    Accumulating enough experience to recognize risks.
    Modern and professional equipment. Ensuring service quality
    Regularly check and fix to ensure progress and limit risks

    Phuong Nam Event has just introduced to you the Top 10 reputable and professional Event Equipment rental companies in Ho Chi Minh . These are the companies that participate the most in large and small domestic and international events, especially large and prestigious enterprises. Hopefully the above article will be really useful and well received, it will be a great source of motivation for Phuong Nam to continue sending the next information!


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